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April 2024: Employment law changes you need to know

April has brought with it changes to employment rate changes. As an employer, legal obligations require these changes to be put into effect. So what are they, and how can you guarantee your company steers clear of negative attention and substantial penalties for non-compliance? Here, we provide all the details to help keep you compliant […]

How to have a safe, happy and fallout free office Christmas party

The countdown to Christmas is on, which means that many businesses will be preparing for the time-honoured tradition of the office Christmas party. While these gatherings can be a fantastic opportunity for showing appreciation, team bonding and spreading cheer after a busy year, a staggering 9 out of 10 businesses have reported having an employment […]

Return to the office: Why bosses are bringing employees back to base

Over the past few years, for many, remote working has become the new norm. Due to the COVID pandemic, companies around the world have had to embrace the concept of employees working from home. While it was beneficial in helping businesses succeed during lockdown, many bosses are now making a U-turn on remote working and […]

Are you struggling to recruit staff right now?

Employers are currently experiencing a recruitment crisis. The job market is a candidate-driven one, with more positions available than there are qualified candidates to fill them. This is causing a number of difficulties for employers, who are struggling to fill their job vacancies with skilled and experienced staff. According to a survey carried out by […]

6 easy tips for handing over work before you go on holiday

A chic city break, a relaxing beach holiday to recharge the batteries or an adrenalin-filled adventure break, whatever type of holiday you have set your sights on this summer, no doubt you will want to fully enjoy it without worries about work creeping in. According to a YouGov poll, 38% of UK employees have made […]

Easy & effective ways to improve employee engagement

Employee turnover can be expensive and time consuming. Therefore, it won’t come as a surprise to learn that for many businesses, retaining staff is a key goal. An easy way to help ensure staff stick around, is to improve employee engagement. Help ensure your workforce is happy by creating an environment which is rewarding, welcoming […]